Theology of the past, for the present

So, you want to dig deeper into theological retrieval? Here are some resources to help you do that.

First, start with Theological Retrieval for Evangelicals by Gavin Ortlund. Ortlund is a historical theologian and in this book he both makes the case for the necessity of theological retrieval and shows how it ought to be done.

Ortlund also has a YouTube channel, Truth Unites, in which he engages in theological retrieval (among other things).

After checking out that book, here are some more resources for theological retrieval that I have found helpful:

Reformed Books Online

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

The Davenant Institute

Post-Reformation Digital Library

The Junius Institute

Greystone Theological Institute

The London Lyceum

The Classical Theism Podcast

The Center for Baptist Renewal

Reformed Thomism (Facebook Group)

Reformed Scholasticism (Facebook Group)